Photo of Rob

Rob Hunter is a designer.

I support amazing companies — working to craft enjoyable, useful and successful user experiences.

And I follow my wife’s Epicurean philosophy.

The Skinny

My focus is on the long-term
strategy and structure of product design.

I've spent significant time building both consumer and business products within many different industries — sports, finance, media, publishing, etc., and I love the challenge of understanding a new market.

I assemble and mentor versatile teams.

An Endorsement

Rob has a strong and ambitious vision, but he is knowledgeable of the practical constraints of implementation, allowing him to pragmatically drive development. — Ben Hughes


I’m a hearty, T-shaped leader.


I currently lead the Design Team at OnDeck.

Contact Rob

I do make time for small projects, and actively advise individuals and startups. So let’s meet.

If you’re looking to plan and launch a digital product,
I can highly recommend Moment Design.


Denver, CO